Domain Privacy
Learn the Benefits of Domain Privacy
What is Domain Privacy?
Domain Privacy, otherwise known as WHOIS protection, is used to stop the domain registrant’s personal information from being shown on the public WHOIS database. WHOIS are an organization that control the data relating to domain registration. Every registrant’s information is deemed to be public information, as well as expiry, renewal, registration dates and more. This can be seen by anyone that’s looked up the information on one of the many WHOIS search engines.
You can use privacy protection to prevent your personal contact information from being shown to the world. It’s the only way to keep your email address, phone number, home address and name safe from the prying eyes of random strangers.
Domain Privacy is available for the following TLDs: com, net, org, biz, info, me.
Get Domain Privacy for Free
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Prevent unsolicited commercial emailing.
Protection against Identity theft and fraud.
Prevention of receiving unwanted direct mail/sales letters via your postal address.
Hide all of your contact information.
Prevent unwanted phone calls from telemarketers.
Safeguard all your personal contact information and privacy.
Example Company Inc.
1234 E. 5th Street
New York, NY 11111
US (555) 555-5555
P.O. Box 821650z
Vancouver, WA 98682
US (360) 499-5932